SVF Mystery Puzzle

You are locked in a house. You need to examine the different rooms to figure out how to get out. Zoom in on details and move the mouse over objects to examine them. Pick an object to look at it more closely, activate it, or pick it up.

How it was done

The puzzle was designed inside Virtual Drafter, our new CAD system which works directly with AutoCAD drawing and DXF files. The interesting objects in the house are hyperlinks. Picking a link can toggle layers in the image, displaying new information and/or turning on and off other hyperlinks. Virtual Drafter then converted the house and links into an SVF file.

Additionally, to make the puzzle a little trickier, the layer dialog was turned off. Normally the popup menu for the plug-in contains an option to display the layer dialog which allows the user to turn on and off layers. Since the puzzle is to select the correct links which toggle the proper layers, this dialog would spoil the fun.

To get started

Position the mouse over the image and pick the right button. A popup menu will be displayed giving you options on changing the view. Select 'Zoom Window'; draw a box around the foyer and the closet to magnify that portion of the drawing. If you pick on the closet door to open it, you will find something inside to get the ball rolling...

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