Technical Information on SVF

The Simple Vector Format, or SVF, is a vector graphics format which supports hyperlinks and layer information. It was jointly developed by SoftSource and NCSA to provide a useful 2-D vector format for use on the World Wide Web. The specification is freely available for anyone to use. (Note: Copies of any of the specification of SVF must retain the SoftSource copyright notice.)


SVF includes the following types of objects: points, lines, polylines, rectangles, circles, arcs, cubic bezier curves, and text. Color, layer, pen width, and fills can be specified. Hyperlink regions can be defined from all the basic types of objects. Arbitrary color maps can be defined. Notifications can be sent when the user has reached a certain magnification level. The amount of stored precision can be specified by the programmer for increased efficiency.

You can get the current specification and syntax of SVF as well as the hyperlink syntax.

Programmers can get source code (in C) for creating SVF files.

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