CADalyst Magazine's Best of '93


The Year's Top 65 Hardware and Software Products for AutoCAD

Over the course of the last year, CADalyst has reviewed more products than ever before, offering comparative reviews of hardware and software for AutoCAD, as well as First Look reviews and an occasional stand-alone review. The CADalyst Highly Recommended rating is a coveted award in the AutoCAD industry. This year, we are giving the recipients of this award additional recognition by presenting the top 65 hardware and software products of 1993 -- all of the products that received a Highly Recommended rating in 1993. To provide immediate access to information about products CADalyst reviewed during the year, we grouped these products into eighteen categories and present the company, product, price, CADalyst rating, company phone and fax numbers, and the page number of the issue in which the product was reviewed in tabular format for easy reference. the version and model numbers are those of the product reviewed in, which may not correspond to the current version of the product. The prices are for the configuration we reviewed and are the current prices of the products. In addition, we excerpted highlights of each of the 65 best products from initial reviews.

Drawing Managers and Viewers
Highly Recommended -- DRAWING Librarian Professional, by SoftSource

DRAWING Librarian Professional has all of the features you would expect in a viewing package, but its customization capabilities set it apart from other products we tested and make it a utility you're not likely to outgrow. All of the features included in the package worked well in testing.

Originally reviewed in April of 1993, see page 73

CADalyst Magazine December 1993

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