DRAWING Librarian

DRAWING Librarian

This product was retired in the late 1990s. See CADview for current solution.

"A CAD Manager's dream, DRAWING Librarian provides an excellent array of redlining and linking features." --- "You would be hard-pressed to find another viewing package at any price that offers as much while remaining easy to use." PC Magazine

Analyst's Choice from PC Week. "SoftSource's DRAWING Librarian Professional 1991.7 stands out from the crowd, however, because it displays drawings with total accuracy. None of the other evaluated programs could do this during PC Week Labs' tests." PC Week.

Highly Recommended - CADalyst.

The latest review is from the June 1994 issue of Cadence.


DRAWING Librarian (DL) allows you to... DRAWING Librarian Professional (DP) adds to DL's features the abilities to... DRAWING Librarian is available under DOS, Windows.

The DOS version

DRAWING Librarian Profession for DOS

Two flavors of DRAWING Librarian are available under DOS, DRAWING Librarian Standard and DRAWING Librarian Professional. If you are interested in what can be done with these programs, we have an article on how CH2MHill is using DRAWING Librarian.

Display and Print

Load to AutoCAD Translate Redline (Professional only) Links (Professional only) - To drawings or scripts

Scripts (Professional only) - Customize DRAWING Librarian. We also have a bonus disk which ships with DP which was created with scripts.

The Windows version

DRAWING Librarian for Windows

We have recently licensed DRAWING Librarian for Windows to US Gypsum to frontend their symbol library.

Display and Print

Load to AutoCAD Translate DDE - Automate DRAWING Librarian from Visual BASIC, FoxPro, etc. Take a look at our downloadable samples for some sample Visual Basic code for doing DDE.

The SPARCstation version

Display Load to AutoCAD Translate Redline

The DECstation version

Display Translate
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