Fractal Images

Fractal Images

These images are of the Mandelbrot set, a fractal generated from a simple mathematical formula. They were produced by DRAWING Librarian Professional (DP). If you press (Alt-M) in DP, it will generate the main view of the Mandelbrot set. From that point, you can zoom in and examine all the detail of the set.

The numbers next to each image indicate the coordinates of the location of the picture - the lower left corner in parentheses followed by the length of a side. If you pass these three numbers to DRAWING Librarian Professional's MAND script command, it will generate the same view. For example, MAND -2 -1.25 2.5 will generate the main set.

* (-2 -1.25) 2.5 (32k)

* (-0.7910322074096 , -0.1502158760371) 0.0000000355566 (173k)

* (-0.791032671785 , -0.1502161525944) 0.000000441162 (104k)

* (-0.7649598805986 , -0.0946979351544) 0.0000000158077 (97k)

* (-0.075895926312 , -0.6605057308991) 0.000850078 (110k)

* (-1.7455175495712 , -0.0000480167014) 0.0000000000326 (67k)

Here's another site with Mandelbrot pictures. If you have questions regarding fractal images in general, you can take a look at the Fractal FAQ.

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