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SoftSource is a twenty-year-old software company that has written programs ranging from quality control systems to a full feature CAD system. This includes such pioneering programs as Drawing Librarian and Block Librarian, both award winning commercial successes. Even with our commercial product success, most of our revenue has come from licensing our core tools, like DXE, to other commercial software companies.

In 1997, SoftSource released an AutoCAD drawing based CAD system Vdraft (Virtual Drafter). Vdraft was a multi-year programming effort with the goal to build a new AutoCAD drafting system. We succeeded in producing an easier to learn and use CAD system for producing and editing AutoCAD drawings.

SoftSource takes great pride in the technical quality and functionality of its products. Underlying all of our products is a strong design philosophy: to integrate high-performance application engineering, industry-standard technology, and painstaking attention to detail, to empower the AutoCAD drawing user.

In 2000 SoftSource LLC transferred one of its prototyped ideas to help form a new company Catarra Inc. Catarra is developing the technology for commercial deployment.

© 1982... 2002 SoftSource LLC.

SoftSource has been developing Computer Aided Design (CAD) drafting systems, translation, and commercial management software since 1982. These innovative products are used by tens of thousands of CAD drafters and managers to create, edit, display, and print AutoCAD drawings.
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